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classic [3.0]

The Classic Box

The Starter Kit

Starting at $36/month

Get the happy essentials you need! The perfect pairing of our wellness products and self-care guidance for a better you.

What's Inside:

premium [3.0]

The Premium Box

Most Popular!

Starting at $56/month

The ultimate 9-5 self-care experience! Get access to all the premium essentials, with us entirely behind-the-scenes.

What's Inside:

The Self-Care Series

The Self-Care Series for Work™


We're just like your favorite original series on Netflix and Hulu.


Binge all you want. Pause, skip, and cancel anytime you’d like.


There are 3 boxes per season and 12 boxes in the entire series.


We currently have 4 seasons available. More are coming soon!


When you start your subscription, you’ll start with Season 1, Box 1.

The included essentials.

Every month, you'll receive all the essentials you need from each of our six self-care categories. Just focus on showing up and we'll take care of the rest.


Plant & Grow

Easy to sow and grow, a new garden awaits you every month. From cactus growing kits to 4-leaf clover gardens—look forward to adding beautiful greenery to your workspace. As your plant grows, so does you!


Explore new ways to invite greater positivity into your workday. With us, you’ll learn about intention setting and mindfulness living—both of which will help you create the foundation of your newfound success.
Self-Care Categories

Relax & Recharge

Therapeutic. Simple. Effective. For you to spend more moments in the present. Enjoy special access to our favorite wellness products, self-care how-to’s, and meditation guides for a happier, healthier you at work.


Explore your childhood favorites and take a trip down memory lane. From wrestling with Paper Sumo cut-outs to hatching Sea Monkeys, and inflating a balloon animal zoo—we'll help you add back the fun into your work-life.

Build & Cultivate

Experience more and reach greater heights. From building a Paper Nano Big Ben to planning your next getaway from work—we’ll help you cultivate the newfound inspiration you need along the way.

Snack & Go

Ready, set, munch. Celebrate your work-worthy achievements with fun, mouth-watering foods. Share with coworkers or just enjoy on-the-go, you’ll have the best snack pantry at the office right in your drawer!

Community insights.

Our members tell it like it is.


Noah Hayes

Creative Producer

"I’m on Season 3, Box 1 and it’s been an amazing conversation starter every time. Thank you creators for providing such an awesome way to stay happy at work."


Kimberly Chan

Strategy Consultant

"A true modern take on self-care. They executed this concept flawlessly and the series keeps getting better. I always look forward to the next box."


Lucas Flynn

Human Resources

“Such a powerful and beautiful experience. A box like this is what I've been looking for. I’m in HR and there’s nothing quite like it on the market. It's hip.”


Sophia Brown

Marketing Manager

"After subscribing, I immediately felt their presence with me at work. They helped me navigate through some tough times and kept my mind positive.”

Frequently asked questions.

Our team is always here to talk it out.

Can I make a one-time gift purchase?

Yes! During checkout, you may configure your gift to cancel after 1 shipment. This only applies if you select the Month-to-Month plan.

When will I receive my first box?

Your first box ships immediately and will take 2-5 business days for transit. All plans are set to auto renew unless you pause or cancel (e.g., if you start a monthly plan on June 7, you will be charged on July 7 for your next box).

Will I get what I see in the photos?

What you see in the photos is a very good representation of what you’ll receive each month. We’re constantly making changes to our boxes to ensure the best user experience.

What happens after I complete the series?

We have a total of 4 seasons and 12 boxes available in the entire series (that's 3 boxes per season). Your account will automatically cancel 14 days after you receive your last box. We'll be sure to notify you when new seasons are released!

Can I purchase multiple gifts?

Of course! For each gift you wish to purchase, just repeat the checkout process. Each time you checkout, you’ll be able to personalize a unique gift message and let us know where to send your gift. 

How do I make sure my gift doesn't renew?

Anytime after you purchase, you can cancel directly from the Login page when signed into your account. Rest assured, once your plan is cancelled, you will continue to receive unshipped boxes, but you will no longer be re-billed.

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