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Frequently asked questions.

Our team is always here to talk it out.

When will I receive my first box?

Your first box ships immediately and will take 2-5 business days for transit. All plans are set to auto renew unless you pause or cancel (e.g., if you start a monthly plan on June 7, you will be charged on July 7 for your next box). 

What happens after I complete the series?

We have a total of 4 seasons and 12 boxes available in the entire series (that's 3 boxes per season). Your account will automatically cancel 14 days after you receive your last box. We'll be sure to notify you when new seasons are released!

Will I get what I see in the photos?

What you see in the photos is a very good representation of what you’ll receive each month. We’re constantly making changes to our boxes to ensure the best user experience.

I’m a returning member. Can I pick up where I left off?

If you’re a returning member, we’ll work with you to make sure you don't get the same box twice. Just fill out the form on our Change Plan page and let us know which box in the series you’d like to pick up from. It's that simple!

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes! Head over to our Gift page and make your purchase there. You can also personalize a gift message for us to include.

How do I make changes to my plan? 

You can pause and cancel directly from the Login page when signed into your account. If you want to skip, upgrade or downgrade boxes, or switch to a different monthly plan, you can do so from the Change Plan page.

How do I make sure my gift doesn't renew?

Anytime after you purchase, you can cancel directly from the Login page when signed into your account. Rest assured, once your plan is cancelled, you will continue to receive unshipped boxes, but you will no longer be re-billed.

What kinds of products come in each box?

In each box, we’ve combined fun and soul-immersive self-care activities with our curated wellness products to promote happiness, self-love, and an overall greater well-being in the office.

Can I make a one-time gift purchase?

Yes! During checkout, you may configure your gift to cancel after 1 shipment. This only applies if you select the Month-to-Month plan.

Can I purchase multiple gifts?

Of course! For each gift you wish to purchase, just repeat the checkout process. Each time you checkout, you’ll be able to personalize a unique gift message and let us know where to send your gift. 

How much is shipping?

All premium plans come with FREE shipping. Classic plans are subject to a flat-rate $5.00 shipping & handling fee. We ship exclusively using USPS Priority Mail with tracking provided. International orders are currently not accepted.

Can I return a box if it’s not for me?

Yes! For any reason, if you decide a box isn’t for you, you have 14 days to return. We’re constantly trying new ideas and understand things may not be a good fit every time. We want to make that right. Contact us to get started!

I have a product I think would be great. What's next?

We’d love to hear about it! We're constantly in the search for new and upcoming products to enhance our box experiences. Please send us a message on our Contact us page and one of our team members will happily assist.

What is the meaning behind the club’s name?

We liked how the ‘higher’ in Happy Higher Club sounds like ‘hire’, so we just went with it. The philosophy behind our club's name is for all our members to be happily employed wherever they're hired with the drive to always aim higher.

Free Shipping
On all premium plans
Cancel Anytime
Best in-class customer support
Easy Returns
100% happiness guaranteed
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