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The studies to back us up.

Trust us, it's not just you. A lot of people aren't happy at work. The harsh reality that modern life is depleting employees is constantly being overlooked. Employees are overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, burnt out, and more disengaged than ever before.


Engagement problems are at an all time high.

Companies are having a hard time engaging and retaining their employees, and both parties are suffering. In fact, 86% of businesses have not yet implemented any sort of development plan for their new hires [1], so it’s not a shock that 79% of employers say they have engagement and retention rate issues [2].


Overwhelmed workers can't seem to can't find a solution.

Not only are companies not invested in their employee’s long-term goals, there’s not much focus on their well-beings either. Almost ⅔ of the working population are overwhelmed at work [3], with 50% of Americans working more than the “so-called” 40 hours a week and 80% wishing to work less [4].



of employees do not enjoy their work on a daily basis.

Source: Gallup


of employees would give up 5K of their salary to be happier at work.

Source: Randstad US


change in happiness is reported when there are closer work friendships.

Source: HBR


of senior managers are not passionate about their work.

Source: Gallup


of people voluntarily quit their jobs because of their bosses.

Source: The Muse


Foster motivation for higher engagement.

69% of employees say low engagement is a top reason why they’re underperforming [8].


Develop resilience for overcoming roadblocks.

Actively engaged workers are 200% less likely to be diagnosed with depression [9].


Boost morale for greater recognition.

83% of employees say recognition is more fulfilling than any rewards and gifts [10].


Promote mindfulness for greater life outlook.

Employees with a purposeful-driven orientation experience 64% more fulfillment at work [5].


Build confidence for greater growth.

76% of employees say opportunities for growth is why they stay in an organization [6].


Create fun for more magical moments.

90% of employees are more motivated when working in a fun work environment [7].


Taking matters into our own hands.

We analyzed what brings happiness into the workplace. We determined that in order to truly experience joy at work, employees must feel appreciated, motivated, inspired, and confident. We designed our self-care experiences to target these core areas. 


Nothing compares to working with smiles.

Now that we’ve portrayed some of the solutions to finding greater happiness at work, let’s discuss how our members can benefit from these solutions.

Greater overall energy.

Member spotlight: Hannah Campbell

Imagine having more energy throughout the day and spending less time than usual to finish a task. How great would that be? We’ll include many creative but comprehensive methods to boost happiness in the office, which has proven to help increase Hannah's productivity and energy levels by more than 12% [11].


Better relationships.

Member spotlight: Casey Quinn

Building solid relationships at work is one of the best ways to enrich one's work life. In fact, 96% of employees are more satisfied with work if they develop 3 or more good friends at work [12]. With the convenient grab-and-go access to shareable snacks, wellness products, and self-care guidance included monthly, Casey is able to foster much more meaningful relationships at work.


Better physical health.

Member spotlight: Paige Kellogg

Americans spend an average of 47% of their time awake at work [13]. With Paige’s 50-hour work weeks, she still manages to actively stay resilient, which has proven to help keep her immune system strong and lower blood pressure. Apart from all our  wellness items, we'll also include how-to’s for sustaining an overall healthier life. From stretching to activating pressure points, expect to feel happier and healthier in no time!


Enhanced well-being.

Member spotlight: Kelly Kalani

Every one of our monthly self-care boxes is geared towards happiness at work, which research has shown helps Kelly reduce stress and increase concentration [14]. One specific method is through our customized guides for meditation, which is the holy grail of inner peace, calmness, and joy. At this point, it’s not just about happiness anymore, it’s about being a better you.



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