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Our mission is simple.

It all started with the ever-so-common issue that seemed to never have a solution; we didn't love our jobs and wanted to fix just that. We've been on an epic ride ever since to find the most effective solution and make an impacting difference in people's lives.

How it started.

We’ve been there ourselves—plagued with chronically low levels of engagement at work while staring aimlessly into our computers and scrambling to meet deadlines. The daily stress, boredom, and lack of motivation that came with our jobs turned us into the inevitable workplace zombies that we dreaded to be. Our work lives lacked the fun, passion, and excitement we once craved.

We saw it happening to others around us too and realized it wasn’t just us having these issues. We took it upon ourselves to find a cure and made it our mission to pursue just that as we left behind our sought-after management consulting jobs.


We go way back.

Founded in Los Angeles, California, we’re a happy team of industry leaders with over a decade of combined experience consulting for Fortune 100 companies. Our founder, Daniel Lee—who we consider a modern day nomad back in the days, hopped from plane to plane on a weekly basis to fly to wherever his clients needed him to be. Aside from dealing with the people, strategy, and management related issues he was brought in to fix, he had the opportunity to experience first-hand the various work-life cultures in all the companies he's worked with.

What we're doing now.

Motivated by our passions and beliefs to build something fun and bring people closer together, we created the Happy Higher Club as our platform to do just that. Because we’ve witnessed first-hand what worked and what didn’t when it came to employee wellness and recognition programs at most Fortune 100 companies, we’ve developed a sort of sixth-sense (which of course, is backed by Science) to provide you with all the essentials you need to stay happy and more resilient at work.


"The bottom line is we know what creates happy and we have fun helping others create just that. We learned that happiness is the ultimate experience of living our day-to-day lives with love, grace, and gratitude."

Daniel, Founder & CEO


Bring fun back into the workplace.

We believe fun is a core component of experiencing a more energetic and upbeat life.


Create capturable moments.

We believe in cherishing the joys of our everyday lives and expressing greater gratitude.


Pay it forward.

We believe by doing good, we invite good karma into our lives. Whatever we receive, we’ll give.


Make self-care easily accessible.

We believe a healthy and well-adjusted mind is what allows us to manifest the impossible.


Build the next generation of happy.

We believe we can make the world a happier place by celebrating all of what life offers.


Foster friendships & communities.

We believe we are all in this together making life’s storms more bearable.


Inside the

Happy Higher Club.

Everything we build and do — from the self-care guidance we share with our members to the product and snack selections we curate for our boxes — must live up to our core values. They serve as the guiding principle for the entirety of what we believe and do.



Tanya Kang

Brand Strategy

A proud Golden Retriever owner (her pup’s name is Maya!) and a lover of all things matcha, Tanya wins healthiest snacker at the office every time.


Madison Taylor

Health & Wellness Advisor

As a yoga instructor, determined hiker, and chronic kale eater, Madison brings her deep passion for wellness and healthy living to the team.


Nathan Cox

Community Outreach

As a Los Angeles native following the electronic music scene closely, Nathan picks the best tracks hands down for our weekly meditation sessions.


Natalie Brooks

Customer Experience

Our team night owl and a connoisseur of both fine wines and beers, we can expect an invite from Natalie every week for Happy Hour after work.

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