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We get it. Work is demanding and takes a huge toll on your mental health. We built our monthly experiences around self-care to help you take back control.

A little self-love goes a long way. If you’re dealing with workplace unhappiness, low energy, or just dreading Mondays in general, we're here to help.


The original 9 to 5 self-care series.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need for a happier, healthier life!

Indoor garden kits for your workspace.

Boost productivity and lower stress with beautiful greenery growing along side you.

Self-care guidance for a happier you.

Invite greater positivity into your workday with meditation and mindfulness living.

Wellness essentials for a better life.

Feel more refreshed and inspired with our collection of fun, feel-good products.

The Self-Care Series for Work™

Plant & Grow


Relax & Recharge

Build & Cultivate

Snack & Go


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someone like you.

Learn how our members use the power of happiness at work!

Hannah Campbell

Digital Media Planner

Casey Quinn

Financial Analyst

Paige Kellogg

Business Owner

Staying positive is what gets Hannah through the day.

Casey's close work friends offers the support he needs.

Keeping resilient lets Paige feel healthy and strong.

Kelly Kalani

Project Manager

Mindfulness living helps Kelly stay present and engaged.

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